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Review of "Hamlet" Musical Tragedy

Last Monday, 19th February, my class and I had the privilege to go to our local theatre, Cine Teatro Ariston, to see the play "Hamlet”, the Shakespearean tragedy, presented in a musical format directed by Daryl Branch. This new proposal offered an engaging perspective on the classic topics of revenge and madness, with native speaker actors of a company named “Palketto Stage”.   "Hamlet" , the Prince of Denmark, is tormented by the death of his father, the King, and the marriage of his mother, Queen Gertrude, to his uncle, Claudius. When Hamlet encounters the ghost of his father, who reveals that he was murdered by Claudius, the prince is consumed by a desire for revenge. The performance of Hamlet was masterfully executed by Davide Valenti. He skilfully portrayed Hamlet’s complexity, from grief to madness.The entire cast's performances left an enjoyable impression on me with their depth and emotional resonance.In conclusion, the tragedy "Hamlet" delivered a powerful and thought-provoking performance, thanks to its innovative presentation. The timeless themes of love, betrayal and mortality were brought to nowadays life with sensitivity, making this adaptation a must-see for theatre enthusiasts.

Carlotta Balzani IIIC Liceo Classico



Even though the show was in English I understood the whole plot, and this thanks to the performances of the actors. My favorite characters was Polonius” FEDERICA MURA “I think it’s a play worth seeing because it has a gripping plot, and also hilarious dialogues that make you laugh. Another thing I appreciated was that in between acts there are many stunning dances.” 


“I really liked this story:it was mysterious when the ghost appeared, engaging when everyone called Hamlet mad and moving in the final scene”  SVEVA AIUTO GARSIA “The cast, led by Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius, Ophelia, and Polonius, delivers performances that are both compelling and memorable” 


“It wasn't boring at all. I really liked this show and I recommend it even if it is a tragedy and it ends badly.” 


“The story takes place in a castle in Denmark around 17th century. I really liked the whole story and the actor's performances, in particular Claudius and Hamlet.” 


“I suggest seeing these types of shows because not only you experience excellent performances, but you also help support small theater associations, like Palketto Stage.”  


I really liked this play because I love the genre of tragedy and since I haven’t read the book yet I was very curious about this story.”   


Daryl Branch gives this Shakespeare's tragedy a gothic style and he makes the public live a unique experience with perfect lighting and video effects” 


“The show moves along at a rapid pace, it’s worth your time and money”


The performances were magnificent, but probably the one I enjoyed the most was Ophelia’s, as she sang one of the songs I liked best, ‘Rolling in the deep’ by Adele. Her voice was breathtaking, that’s why I would have enjoyed it more if she had sung at least another oneMARIA AURELIA GIALLO SCHIFANO 

“I found the play breathtaking due to the convincing performance of the actors and particularly of Hamlet, who perfectly represented the dilemma: “to be or not to be”. The play  gets more dramatic as Hamlet  inevitably isolates the ones he loves, leading to a bloodbath.” FLAVIO FILECCIA 

The tragedy was revisited, and, so, it was often interrupted by enjoyable musical parts and when they started to sing Adele’s songs, this was the most gripping part.” 


This tragedy shows the importance and the complexity of human nature”


My favourite was Claudius because I think he acted very realistically”


“The characters’ behaviours captivate the spectators with their fate and moral complexity: among them, Hamlet is the most real and elaborate one. I think it is a great experience to live because you can both improve your English and approach the classic English literature.” 

III C Liceo Classico – a.s. 2022/23

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